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Puerto Vallarta dating guide advises how to date Mexican women and what are the best places to meet single girls in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Dating Guide

Puerto Vallarta girls know how to have fun. Pictured here at the Bar Morelos

When you're out and about in Mexico, you'll find a diverse range of lifestyles and personalities. Not to mention that some cities are more thrilling and enjoyable than others, attracting more visitors. In that sense, when you arrive in Puerto Vallarta, you will encounter a wide range of experiences.

This city, which is essentially a beach town, is full of beautiful resorts, beautiful scenery, and even more beautiful women. Given the large number of Latinos in the city, whose fiery personalities only add to their allure, this is unsurprising. They're not only fun to be around, but they're also interested in romance.

As a result, when you arrive in this area, you will be able to meet a lot of ladies and probably date them. Although Mexican women are open-minded and enjoy a carefree lifestyle, dating them necessitates some thought. This article will tell you what you need to know about them and how to become'someone' to them.

In the city of Puerto Vallarta, sex is neither difficult nor simple to obtain. Many of the local Mexican women are extremely passionate, both in their daily lives and in their sexual relationships. However, they have a sense of traditionalism about them, and they want to have sex with someone they care about. Of course, you'll find some local ladies who are open to more, but they'll be more unique situations.

The overall sex culture in Puerto Vallarta is very vibrant, though the local ladies are not overly intimate. Since this culture requires a certain level of modesty, sexual contact is not publicly displayed. People here, however, are extremely passionate about a variety of things, including their physical desires. The foreigners have a good time as well, which adds to the active sex culture of the region.

How to Date Mexican Women

Dressing well here would almost certainly give you the best return on investment (perhaps even more than learning Spanish!). Dressing stylishly is the easiest way to set yourself apart from other foreigners. Invest in a blazer, a few v-neck tee shirts, and a decent pair of boots or dress shoes instead of the usual shorts and sandals or sports shoes worn by most travelers. You will not be sorry. Local guys don't dress especially well either, so this is a place where you can really benefit. You must put in an effort to look nice if you want to have some chance of dating in Mexico.

There are significant cultural variations between cities in Mexico. You must adjust the strategy accordingly. If you want to hit on local women in Oaxaca, a more traditional, mostly indigenous state in Mexico, your approach would be very different than if you want to hit on women in Mexico City, the more modern, liberal capital. You'll keep it simple: if you want to date in Mexico, you'll want to stick to the larger cities. Many of the girls in smaller towns will be married by their mid-twenties and/or there will be some stigma attached to hooking up with random foreigners.

If you prove that you have a sense of humor and enjoy a good laugh, Mexican girls will like you. Dating in Mexico is a lot of fun (and, at times, full of drama). You won't get too far if you can't laugh at least once. It is said that practice makes better. The best way to get a sense of what Mexican girls are like before you go, and to increase your chances of dating in Mexico, is to chat to as many as you can.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

Puerto Vallarta, without a doubt, has the best beaches and many other well-known tourist destinations. The beaches are the best places to meet single girls if you're serious about meeting them. The majority of Mexican girls wear bikinis here, and people are quickly drawn to them.

There are a few other locations where you can try your luck, including bars and nightclubs. A Mexican girl's fun would be incomplete if she never visits these locations. The explanation for this is that parties and alcohol are important aspects of their lifestyle that they cannot do without.

  • Caracol Plaza
  • Camarones Beach
  • Malecon
Camarones Beach

Top 10 Nightclubs and Bars to Pickup Girls

In Puerto Vallarta, there are a range of highly rated restaurants, pubs, and nightclubs that you should definitely frequent. People sometimes believe that impressing a girl in these settings is difficult. Instead of taking it at face value, you should put it to the test on your own.

The truth is that the girls who go to these places are looking for Mr. Perfect. To make a good first impression, all you have to do is be optimistic and show a self-assured personality. In Puerto Vallarta, there are a few restaurants, pubs, and nightclubs where you can fulfill your dating fantasies.

  • Bombon: If you're looking for the best Mexican drink, this is the place to go. The drinks are available in a variety of flavors, and you can enjoy them. The girls who come here want to sit with the most amorous person and drink with them. If you have the opportunity to flirt, things will progress and you will be able to enjoy a fulfilling relationship.
  • The Redneck Sombrero: One of the best bars in town, serving up some of the best beers and traditional Mexican fare. The bulk of the girls come here to get drunk and have a good time. Introduce yourself by sharing your thoughts on the club's environment, and then strike up a pleasant conversation.
  • Bar Morelos Mezcaleria: If you Google this bar, you'll find that it has 4.5-star reviews on the majority of websites. It's because you'll be able to try whiskeys you've never had before.
  • Day off beach bar: In addition to alcoholic beverages, this bar offers the finest seafood, such as shrimp and lobsters. Another interesting feature is that the waitresses are beautiful as well, and you may strike up a conversation with them.
  • La Ingrata Mexican Pub: Come here to listen to the best music that the DJs have to offer. Not only is the music heavy, but it can also have an enthralling experience.
  • Murphy's Irish Pub: Everybody wants to try the finest Irish whiskeys, and this pub is known for them. If you skip it anyway, it'll be something that bothers you later. Of course, because of the missed opportunity to enjoy both the whisky and the lovely business.
  • Zoo Dance Bar: If you like discos, make a point of visiting this bar. You might even get the chance to dance with the most beautiful Mexican girl. Many local girls come here to dance with someone who is both charismatic and romantic.
  • Strand: A nightclub where you can get a discount on your favorite drinks. Come here to savor the most important moments of your life.
  • McCarthy's Irish Pub: You can confidently state that you can find your favorite martinis and vodkas in this pub. You must have a martini if you have never had one before.
Party at the zoo dance bar in Puerto Vallarta

Dating Apps

  • Tinder
  • Bumble
  • Badoo
  • Happn

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