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Punta del Este dating guide advises how to date Uruguayan women and what are the best places to meet single girls in Punta del Este, Uruguay.

Dating Guide

Most of the Uruguayan women here in Punta del Este are of Spanish decent. They are usually highly educated and very rich as they know how to look for money. They are highly educated but do not really speak English rather, they speak Spanish. They are usually open-minded and very liberal. They revere foreign, specifically the whites. They also love receiving compliments and won't mind receiving some from a stranger. They like interacting with other people from other cultures as they like building new connections. They like smoking weed very much than smoking cigarettes and won't mind smoking weed with you. Chances of you being blown off while talking to them are very minimal as long as you are not boring, creepy, or they are just not into you.

How to Date Uruguayan Women

Uruguayan ladies here in Punta del Este usually like to date men who are themselves and do not pretend to be someone they are not. They are not into men who smoke cigarettes so you must avoid it in order to smoothen your dating experience with these ladies. They are also into men who are smartly dressed, are very respectful, and romantic. Smelling nice and having a good sense of fashion will be a bonus when dating these ladies. Flashing your money around won't really win you any attention as the ladies who come here are mostly rich and highly educated. Knowing a few words in Spanish will go a long way in making her be more interested in you as you will be able to converse more.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

Many of the ladies here in Punta del Este like spending their daytime along beaches and on the beautiful islands found in this city. During the day, it is best that you visit these places to increase your chances of meeting up with single ladies in the city. The malls and restaurants are also crucial venues where you will be able to meet single ladies here in Punta del Este. Some of the popular places that you will be able to meet single ladies here in the city are :


Bikini Beach


The Hand Sculpture

Medialunas Calentitas

Brava and Mansa beaches

Top 10 Nightclubs and Bars to Pickup Girls

The nightlife in Punta del Este is very lively and is the best time to hook up with ladies here in the city. Most of them who come out at night want to have a good time. La Barra is believed to be the best area in the city where there is vibrant nightlife. Many bars and nightclubs are found here and so are the ladies. Some of the best bars and nightclubs to hook up with ladies here in the city are:

Keep Rolling Resto Bar. The decor of this bar is quite fascinating. It creates that beach house feeling. It doubles as both a restaurant and a bar. During the day, you are going to enjoy the delicious meals here while during the night, you come to party. The music and lighting features here, couple that with the amazing drinks offered here, creates that fabulous party atmosphere found here. Invite the lady you like here to dance with you. You can buy her a few drinks and flirt with her when relaxing at your table.

Bigote Bar. It is a venue where many events are held. The drinks offered here are tasty and are served to you by a friendly staff. Bring you party mood with you when coming here and have fun with the gorgeous ladies that come here. Invite the one you like to your table and suggest to her to take the fun to your place.

Garage Bar. This bar prides itself in all things to do with cars. It is a fun place for those who are car enthusiasts thus, you will find a lot of ladies here. You will be able to enjoy the amazing drinks while admiring the various car features found here. You can take this to your advantage and show the lady you like just how knowledgeable you are about cars. If she vibes with you, invite her to your place later.

La Casita Resto Bar. It is both a bar and a nightclub. You will be able to enjoy amazing cocktails here with loud music creating that party atmosphere here. Get ready to dance with te ladies who come here to have a good time. You can later buy her a few drinks and invite her to your place.

CAPI. You will be able to enjoy both local and international beers here. The music played here is lively and the DJs are experienced. You will be able to enjoy the crowd here as the are always positive.

No Me Olvides Bar. You will be able to enjoy amazing beers that are served here with a charming staff. The atmosphere here is lively and you can invite the lady you like here to the dance floor. Party with her and you can later invite her to your place.

Soho Bar Punta del Este. It doubles as a restaurant during the day and a fabulous nightclub at night. The music is loud with the drinks being over the roof. The staff works hard to make you feel special. Be more seductive when flirting with a lady here and invite her to your place.

Bar Dos de Copas. This bar has has worked to install the best decor to both its interior and exterior. To the outside, it has a blue color with some shades of white. Inside, you will find distorted mirrors and a collage of pop culture on the walls. The drinks served here are of high quality and range from beers to cocktails.

El Viajero Deck Bar. At this bar, you will be able to meet both local and foreign women here. Everyone comes here to enjoy the amazing drinks offered here at very affordable prices. You can offer to buy a few drinks for the lady you like here. If you feel she is responding positively to you, suggest to her that you head to your place later.

Moby Dick Pub. It is a nautically-themed bar. The amazing views that you will get to enjoy from here create that romantic atmosphere found here. Approach the Lady you like here and hold interesting and charming conversations with her. You can later suggest to her that you take the fun to your place.

Dating Apps

As the Uruguayan ladies here in Punta del Este are highly educated, internet use here in the city is at over 80%. The ladies in the city have heavily embraced the use of dating apps. They usually have different intentio8so make sure that you also state yours as well. Some of the ladies here are looking for one-night stands, casual relationships or long-term relationships. Some of the popular dating apps you can use to date Uruguayan ladies here in Punta del Este are :

Badoo. With this dating app, you will be able to rate the photo of the lady you like. You will be able to go through the various profiles of ladies found here. You can also message the ladies here but sending her a special notification will cost you a small amount of money.

Waplog. You can send a text to a lady you like here in Punta del Este via this dating app. The ladies who sign up in this dating app are mostly open-minded and chances of being blown off are very minimal especially when they are into you.

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