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Riga dating guide advises how to date Latvian women and what are the best places to meet single girls in Riga, Latvia.

Dating Guide

Latvia, one of the Baltic countries in Europe, is indisputably among the most beautiful countries in the world. This paradise has beautiful oceans as well as lush and well-preserved forests, like the Baltic countries around it.  Women in Latvia are beautiful, they have both beauty and brains. Dating girls in Latvia is not a small feat. It takes finesse and understanding. Additionally, it requires a proper strategy for any man to hit the jackpot with the girls. Latvian women are used to being approached by foreign men so if you approach them, you will not scare them off. Regardless, they are picky about who they want to spend time with and later date. Latvian women are hospitable, cheerful, and friendly with a good sense of humor, they know their worth and will not just settle to date any guy, they will pick the best. They are known for their beautiful eyes, wonderful skin, and having a slim body. To impress these women, you have to be physically neat with a charming personality and a good sense of humor. Latvian people are very friendly and sociable. And, as is the case with the other countries in the Baltics, the women of the country are gorgeous. Your chance for adequate success in dating is in Riga, which has a significant pool of singles in the country. Get yourself a ticket to this country.

How to Date Latvian Women

When socializing with Latvian women in Riga, you should begin the conversation with casual topics like food, her hobbies. If she seems interested in the conversation, you can proceed to more topics that she seems comfortable speaking about. You should avoid ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions as such questions tend to kill conversations very quickly. Ask questions that allow her to share information about herself with you. Make her smile, you can compliment her generally, and if she responds positively to your compliment, you can proceed to compliment her more on a personal level. Some of the qualities you need to have when dating Latvian women include:

You need to take care of your life physical appearance. Many of the women in Riga take very good care of their physical appearance and expect that men approaching them will do the same.

You also need to choose women who share the same interests as you, you don't want to spend lots of time with a Latvian woman who has nothing in common with you. There is no need to spend a lot of time with a woman who will not end up falling in love with you.

You need to be romantic and buy thoughtful gifts for these women. This will make it easier for you as your thoughtfulness will make them respond positively to you.

You also need to be a friendly and approachable person with a good sense of humor. Don't think too much about saying the wrong thing, just be yourself. There is no other person like you.

Also, appreciate her traditions and culture, the women may have different political views but love for one’s country, and culture are unwavering. Women hardly appreciate negative criticism or insults regarding their beliefs. Be inclusive and try to understand the culture and by trying to do so, you will understand what women expect from their partner while dating and getting romantic.

For a relationship to be successful, the effort put into it has to be mutual. You have to be willing to put in the same level of energy as your partner. Honestly is also very important for your relationship to work out. You have to tell her the truth all the time even in situations where it might hurt. Trying to please your partner with lies is just going to make her lose interest in you and the relationship.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

There are lots of places in Riga, Latvia where you can meet single girls. Single girls in Riga like to spend time in Old Town and around Livu Square. The best place to meet them is in places they go to daily, places like the mall, shopping districts, coffee shops, tourist attractions like the Art Nouveau, and St. Peter’s Church. Some of the common places where you will meet single girls in Riga include:

• Friends Club • Cafe Leningrad • Piens • Riga Plaza • Domina shopping • Alfa • Cloud nine

Top 10 Nightclubs and Bars to Pickup Girls

Many nightclubs have a large variety of beverages, great music, and a fantastic atmosphere. Women who visit the nightclubs usually prefer men who are confident, sharply dressed, and have charming personalities. These women are likely to be less conservative than the ones you meet in public during the day. You have to be courteous and polite when you try to pick women up in a bar or nightclub. Some of the night clubs and bars found in Riga that are certainly worth exploring and splurging some cash if you wish to meet some of the most attractive and sensuous Latvian women in town include:

ROCK CAFE: It is located in the center of Old Town. The location is amazing, it has a bar, restaurant, and coffee place all in one. The food is great so a lot of locals visit regularly. It has an extraordinary atmosphere, live music and shows every weekend. In Rock Cafe, you will meet lots of people who love rock music, particularly Latvian rock music. Come here to meet Latvian women and feel the unique atmosphere that dominates in this place. Drink prices start from 3.00 EUROS

• KALKU VARTI A lot of locals come here to party so you'll meet Latvia girls here often. This club has entertained partygoers from all around the world for more than 14 years. It’s located in a spacious ancient cellar and it has a rooftop terrace that can host up to 100 people. It’s a terrific spot to spend the night dancing away to mainstream hits and meeting people. The place is laid back and chill. Beats are quite mainstream so you'll probably be able to sing along to nearly every song that comes up. For a tourist swinging through the Old town trying to find some more locals, this club is one of those where you should stop by. They don't accept credit cards so if you go there, go with some cash. Drink prices start from 3.00 Euros.

• DE FLOU: Tourists love it because it has the most original hip-hop vibe in the entire city. The best place for experiencing dope parties with hot women, dirty dancing, and great drinks. The perfect place to hang out, it has a lovely hip-hop interior, which is perfect for creating content on social media. It is the perfect place for people who just want to dance to some music, meet some women, and chill.

• LE KIKI:This is the only place in Old Town where you go to to enjoy house, disco and techno music.Le Kiki has an incredible sound system (when compared to the other places in Old Town) and flavorful drinks.Pricing is very satisfactory, and you can get drinks there for free till 12:00. After you have to pay 5 euros. The environment is friendly, delicious drinks are served really, good DJ’s play. Resident artists at this place are well known in the Baltic underground music scene. Some residents are Electricano, Artificial Love, and Will Sonic.So, If you are looking for extraordinary Latvian dj's - you can come here.

• COYOTE FLY The coyote fly is located in the exclusive Vernisāža complex in the Vērmanes Park, it is open from Thursday to Saturday from 10:00 to 6.00 and it's within walking distance from the Centre. There is a strict face control policy on Friday and Saturday so come dressed in elegant clothes and not as tourists. The club is stylish and is a meeting point for the elite which consists of TV personalities, celebrities and the super rich. Entry into this club is easier on Thursday when they are less strict with face control at the entrance. Foreign DJs are often imported from around Europe and the local musicians, rappers also entertain the club goers. You can expect a fancy atmosphere, expensive cocktails, and Champagne, and, of course, very beautiful wait staff.

• CLUB STUDIO 69 It's open on Friday and Saturday from 10:00 to 6.00. With its elegance and charm, the club is one of the most popular clubs in Riga. The club is mostly frequented by new rich Russians and Latvians, it's part of Royal Casino Hotel, a complex that includes a five-star hotel, a casino, Spa, restaurants, bars, and also the club La Rocca. Entrance into this club is quite expensive, 14 euros. The club is much more expensive than La Rocca, but on the other hand, the age of the club patrons is higher and they are more wealthy. Studio 69 is the hottest club in Riga with good music, gorgeous women, terrific drinks, and amazing dancers who never cease to animate the evening.

• CITA PUSE This is a two-storey bar where you can meet and chat with some nice girls .The bar serves terrific espresso coffee during the day and at night, it turns into a club with live entertainment. It has a great interior and music. The relaxed and chill mood of the day will be taken over by local and foreign DJs playing dance music in the evening. The intriguing atmosphere allows you to chat with women and make new friends. It is relatively cheap, beer pricing starts at 3.50 euros.

• PIENS It is located in a very accessible area in Riga so, a lot of people party here. You may also meet several A-list artists from Riga here. You have to be open to mingling and having conversations with people as you will meet a lot of Latvian and foreign women here. It's open on Monday, 12pm to 4pm and Tuesday to Saturday, 12pm to 12am. It doesn't open on Sunday.

• ONE ONE One one is the best choice if you just want to chill and relax and meet nice women. It has a laid-back atmosphere where solo music is played. Unlike other clubs, the noise is less. This club is very popular among locals and you'll meet a lot of single women there every day. It's a great place for electronic music and techno and the cocktail is terrific. Great place with good music and vibes

• FRIENDS CLUB This is the perfect place for mature and classy people who want to meet women and then spend the night dancing and singing away in a cozy environment whilst getting to know her. Friends club is one of the best karaoke clubs in Riga. It is fully equipped with professional audio and light to give you the best karaoke experience. You are given ample opportunity to feel yourself as if you are on the big stage with the help of a terrific sound system, back-vocal, and an experienced host to see you through the night.

Dating Apps

People in Latvia have largely adopted technology in their day-to-day lives particularly the youth. This has led many of these youths, particularly women, to turn to online apps to try and find a striking partner to flirt with and maybe even go on a date with. Some ladies here in Latvia have admitted to finding the love of their life through these dating apps. Thus, as a tourist, save yourself some time by signing up on a popular local dating app to strike a friendship with women before getting to the city itself to ensure that you don’t even waste a lot of time when you are in town to go on that date. Some of the popular dating apps that are used in Latvia include:


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