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Skopje dating guide advises how to date Macedonian women and what are the best places to meet single girls in Skopje, North Macedonia.

Dating Guide

Famous for its statues, Skopje is the biggest city in North Macedonia and is also famous for its women. The best part about visiting this city is that you can see varieties of women ranging from blonde to brunette and much more. You shouldn’t feel shy being attracted to any of them as it is normal.

Not only are these women stunning in terms of physical looks, but they also have warm attributes. People say that they forget their worries around Skopje women. However, we should tell you that it is not easy to get through to them. Skopje has a conservative nature.

Thus, it is best that you are aiming for a serious relationship before approaching any of these women as they do not fancy flings. It will be wrong for us to generalize, so we would not say that you would experience this with all the women in the city. However, it is common with most of them.

The best advice we can give as a dating guide for Skopje is to become friends before aiming for a relationship. Things will go smoother once there is a friendship bond.

How to Date Macedonian Women

If you think that a Macedonian woman will fall for you immediately because of your looks, you are wrong. It would be best if you appealed in other areas for any of these women to consider your proposal.

If you can remember, we mentioned that these women are warm. Thus, they are welcoming to foreigners. This is a way of getting to them.

Typically, Macedonians are known to be gossips. The women are cautious about being seen with the opposite gender in public as they do not want people to carry rumors. However, these women are always willing to help if a tourist has any challenge.

You can approach your desired woman and ask questions about the city or request her to be your tour guide. It is the best way to start a conversation with Skopje women. From there, everything will go smoothly.

Going for the direct approach in Skopje is not the best option. We can say that it is safe to beat around the bush with the women.

You need to know her interest, likes, dislikes, and much more. The goal is to form a friendship bond with her before you begin talks of entering into a relationship. These women desire to connect with a man beyond romance. They believe that it is a way the relationship can stand the test of time.

We advise that you keep an open mind when it concerns Macedonian women as they can be unpredictable. They have a way of keeping men on their toes, but you will love the experience.

Dating any of these women is usually worth it, and we advise that you go for it.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

It is common knowledge that there is a high inflow of tourists to a place when it has a lot to offer. Skopje might be a small city, but it appeals to tourists. Thus, you are sure to see different places of attraction.

It could be that you see a Skopje woman you desire when you are visiting any of these attractions. She could be sightseeing or working at the place. Thus, you can start a conversation about the city with her.

Some places of tourist attraction in Skopje are:

• Canyon Matka

• Kuršumli An

• Krstovar

• Ristic Palace

• George Gjergj Kastriot - Skenderbeg Monument • St. Nikola Šiševsk

Top 10 Nightclubs and Bars to Pickup Girls

You are sure to see the freer side of Skopje women when you are in a bar or nightclub, making it perfect places to pick up girls.

Some of the nightclubs and bars in Skopje are:

• Club Epicentar: There are different levels to partying. You are sure that it will be a bomb party when it is an underground club. The energy is usually higher, and the vibe is excellent. You are sure to have a good night when you visit this club.

• Rock Bar Garson: What are your thoughts about a live music bar? If you think anything short of fun and excitement, you’re mistaken. If you are looking for a bar to chill and relax during the weekends, this is the place for you. It comes in handy that people are always trooping to this bar.

• Iridium77: Even though Skopje is a small city, it gets frustrating when you have to cover far distances before you can party. However, you will not experience such with this club as it is close to the city center. Great commendations are given to the DJ of this club as his music selections are always top-notch.

• Chillin' Bar: There is a certain happiness that will spread over you when you visit this place as they have an excellent selection of everything! Some people fear visiting a bar because of the prices. However, you do not have such fears at this place as their prices are fair. They also have music in place to ensure that the bar is not dull. This makes it conducive for you to mix up and make friends. They have one of the best top drinks selections you can find in the city. If you encounter any difficulty or challenge, the staff will always offer their help.

• Lounge Bar & Night Club Aliens: If you are looking for a chill place to relax in Skopje, this is one of your best options. We would not say that it has a high inflow of persons, but you are sure to see beautiful women. Due to its quietness sometimes, you have the perfect environment to strike up a conversation with your desired woman and establish a connection.

• Old School Café: If you ask a local of Skopje to recommend a place for you, we are sure that this will be amongst the top options. You are sure to see people, especially women, at this place due to its lovely environment.

• Havana Summer Club: The friendly vibes you will get at this place make it a favorite for some people. You can choose to dance or not at this club. Whatever the case might be, you are sure to have fun as you can engage yourself in conversations with people. You can also enjoy their excellent drink options. We are confident that you will make a new friend at the end of the night, especially a woman. Many girls at this club are usually free and open-minded. They do not mind leaving with a man. Thus, we urge that you shoot your shot.

• Drinkers Paradise Bar: You can get different types of bars in Skopje, and a cocktail bar is not an exception. The drinks are sure to excite you at this place as you can get many of their local mixtures. If you are confused about what to get, you should ask the locals around. You can use this as an opportunity to start conversations with any lady you desire.

• Night Club Saloon: If you are a party animal, this is the best place for you. It is best that you have your dancing shoes before arriving at this club. You can dance all night. You will also realize that the women are willing to dance with you.

• Speakeasy Bar: This is a cocktail bar where you can interact with the host when visiting it. People usually appreciate the warmth and feel like they have a direct bond with the place. You are sure to get different drink varieties, and we are confident that you will love all of them.

Dating Apps

It may not be the first that comes to your mind. But using a dating app is a perfect way of meeting single women in Skopje.

You can ask around for the different available options when you are in Skopje. However. Loveawake is one of them.

You shouldn’t ever feel shy about using a dating app as it is a normal thing worldwide.

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