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Toulouse dating guide advises how to date French women and what are the best places to meet single girls in Toulouse, France.

Dating Guide

Toulouse is the capital of the French department of Haute-Garonne and the region of Occitanie. The city is on the banks of the River Garonne, 150 kilometers from the Mediterranean Sea, 230 km from the Atlantic Ocean, and 680 km from Paris. Also known as the Pink City, it is the fourth-largest city in France.

The city is currently one of the most rapidly growing French cities and it also attracts a host of tourists. When coupled with the huge number of students owing to the legendary universities, it is a city with huge diversity, numerous opportunities, and endless possibilities for travelers heading to the city with the hopes of getting laid.

Women are often ranked highly in the most desirable lists globally. The girls are truly drop-dead gorgeous. Right from great facial features to smashing hot bodies, the women have it all. Besides, Roman Catholic, Muslims, and Jewish women, you might also see classic French beauties with pale skin with freckles, who are light brunettes or dark blondes, with a slender figure, distinct facial features, and most importantly, small to medium-sized buttocks and breasts, also you shall see some of the most beautiful mixed-race women, who either have French ancestry coupled with the ancestry of neighboring countries, or even African ancestry altogether.

How to Date French Women

For dating the French women, all you have to do is approach them and work your magic on them if you wish to get lucky. Now, much of this depends upon you. While approaching the girls, be well-groomed, hipster style, and casual clothing are acceptable, but branded clothing and accessories are a big plus, additionally, most of the women love being complimented, so do not hold back there Romeo, strike up conversation involving pop culture, and you shall pretty much do well, music is one good place to start.

Furthermore, some pretentious behavior and made-up tales shall earn you extra points, but do not fake it to the point that you get exposed or are embarrassed by French men who are waiting to call you bluff.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

There are a number of places where you can approach a number of both hot locals and tourists in the city who are well dressed and looking for something casual and fun. The best way to approach girls depend on where you meet them. For example, the best way to approach a girl on the beach will not be the best way to approach a girl you meet at a cafe. You can start your day by heading to the borders of Garonne, where you can meet plenty of single women, albeit they come in groups of friends. Nightclubs are obviously the best place to pick up girls in the city as you can find hot tourists and locals both at the nightclubs looking for opportunities. Some of these malls and districts you can go to meet naughty females in Toulouse:

  • Espace Gramont
  • Galeries Lafayette Toulouse Lapeyrouse
  • Rue Alsace Lorraine
  • Commerces Les Raisins
  • Espace Saint-George

Top 10 Nightclubs and Bars to Pickup Girls

The city of Toulouse is an excellent place for nighttime games in the country of France. The tourists who want to take a shot at some of these horny girls can try visiting the popular bars, pubs, and nightclubs that are listed below:

  • Californication Club

The name says it all, the club is inspired by a Californian style. Music makes you dancing, drinks are at very affordable prices, to go further, among the best prices in the city. Despite the inspiration of the place, you find all types of music, general enough to spend a good evening without a headache.

  • La Cale Sèche

This is a veritable paradise for rum-lovers, as it has an impressive range of more than twenty rum flavors, as well as some rare, old bottles available to please connoisseurs. The cocktails are also inventive, including some delicious mojitos and a very fruity house punch. The nostalgic music and warm atmosphere, where locals and visitors mingle alike, make this little spot well worth a visit.

  • La Dynamo

Located in a former sex club, La Dynamo is a great place to see live bands. Two bars, a dance floor, and a smoking area. It can get very hot & sweaty when the show is packed with people. It is a great place for hook-ups with both local and international women.

  • Le Petit Vasco

Situated in the animated Place de l’Estrapade, this is a lovely little bar with a welcoming, buzzing ambiance. With a good selection of wine and some delicious tapas, including a melt-in-your-mouth house foie gras, it is a great spot to spend an evening. The outdoor seating is especially pleasant in the summer and the occasional live music and themed soirées make for fantastic nights out.

  • La Couleur de la Culotte

This brick-walled bar and tapas joint on place St-Pierre attracts a vivacious crowd of students and artists. Sip coffee by day, while evenings bring cocktails, DJ sets, or screenings of sports matches. It is an excellent place for those looking forward to hooking up with hot university students.

  • Downtown Factory

To start your evening at 7 pm there, it is the perfect place. Begin with an aperitif, continue with dinner, and then finish in beauty by dancing until the end of the night. There are three rooms so three different atmospheres. In an industrial setting, come with friends for a guaranteed evening without having to move from one place to another.

  • The Wild Rose

For a taste of Englishness, this is a comfortable, pub-style bar nestled in one of the quieter districts of the city. With a fantastic selection of drinks, including an impressive ten different kinds of mojitos in unusual combinations such as mango and violet, it’s not quite a British local but it is fun and there is also a bilingual, weekly pub quiz, which is always a fun experience in another country.

  • The Bazar

Located just a stone’s throw from the Capitol, with two rooms, two atmospheres. The first one more techno, and the second one with old hits that you would love to experience. Inside, the club bears its name well, it is the bazaar. Certainly, due to its location, everyone eventually gets there. At least you will always find one of your buddies there.

  • Connexion Café

This place is a mash-up of the cocktail bar, nightclub, and tapas bar in a converted industrial space, this popular spot also hosts live gigs straddling genres from hip-hop to jazz to metal. When the weather's warm, the action spills onto the outdoor terrace. It is an excellent place for those looking forward to hooking up with hot university students.

  • L’Ancienne Belgique

Just a few hundred meters from the stunning river Garonne, you can find an authentic pocket of Belgium in the form of L’Ancienne Belgique, a fabulous Belgian bar that serves superb real Belgian beers, with around 70 to choose from. The cozy décor adds to its unique charm, with an entire wall covered by an enormous selection of beers.

Dating Apps

Finding suitable partners with the immense convenience of being in the middle of work or while relaxing at home and being able to screen them before the meeting has led to many youngsters in Toulouse, prefer the use of online dating apps and websites. Some of the popular dating apps in case you prefer not using a website for dating are:

  • Happn
  • Tinder
  • NRJ Chat France

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