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Yerevan dating guide advises how to date Armenian women and what are the best places to meet single girls in Yerevan, Armenia.

Dating Guide

Yerevan is the capital city of Armenia, and it is the largest in the country. Thus, you are sure to engage in different activities in this place, and it will not be out of place if you desire to hook up with any of the ladies.

We are sure that you must have heard many things about Asian women in terms of beauty, and Yerevan girls manifest these facts.

If you desire to date any of them, you should know tips on approaching them as it will help your game.

It is important to note that Yerevan women are family-oriented. Thus, there are high chances that her family is aware of her relationship. This means that you have to be in moral character and appeal to her family. If her family stands against the relationship, she will not date you.

Yerevan women also love to keep busy, either in school or work. Thus, they only hang out in the evenings. Approaching them during the day might not be feasible as they are rushing from one point to another.

We know that you would want to have her full attention. This is why it is best to wait till the evenings or during the weekend.

Yerevan women are usually direct and straightforward. They know what they want from a man and usually would not accept less. If you are not respectful towards these women, you cannot establish a relationship. It is best that you treat them as humans and equals.

How to Date Armenian Women

A proper way to date an Armenian woman would be to seek permission from her family. We earlier mentioned that these women are family-oriented and most times have over-protective families. It will be helpful if you carry the family along.

With their perfect shape, it is essential to note that these women are conscious of their looks. Thus, it would help if you watch what you say around them. It will be wrong to make statements that make her feel insecure about her looks.

Yerevan women are typically confident, but they can lose this confidence when someone says something ill about their physical features.

You do not need to worry about approaching a Yerevan woman, as these women are usually open to the idea of dating foreigners. The diversity appeals to them, so they will prefer to date tourists.

When these women are in a relationship, they become submissive. However, this does not mean that you should take a Yerevan woman for granted. Her submissiveness will come naturally when you shower her with love, care, and respect.

We would not say that these women are conservative, but most of them love to remain virgins until they get married. It is the mentality they grew up with, and they tend to stick to it.

If you date any of these women, you will notice that they are shy in bed. You have to be patient and teach her any sexual activity you desire. Since these women are fast learners, you will have a pro in no time.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

There are many places where you can meet a single girl in Yerevan. A typical Yerevan woman is naïve or has not been in many relationships. These women love to wait until they find the perfect person. It is why they usually immerse themselves in work or school activities.

With an idea of their schedule, you know where you can meet these single girls.

The shopping mall is one of the first places you should consider when you want to meet women in Yerevan. It is best if you go there in the evenings or during the weekend. The idea is to see different women so that you can have options.

It is not out of place to talk to ladies in public places in Yerevan. However, an Armenian woman will not like it if you ask her out in a mall. Thus, you can ask to hang out or chill, but do not pop the relationship question.

Some of the shopping malls in Yerevan are:

• Yerevan Mall • Metronome Shopping Center

• Rossia Mall

• Dalma Garden Mall

• RIO Mall You can also meet single girls at the educational institutions in the city. It is an excellent option as you will see many young girls and there are high chances that they are single.

The same rule about timing also applies when you want to meet girls at this place. You should approach a lady when she is not hurrying for class. Thus, you can do it in the evenings.

Some of the schools in Yerevan are:

• Eurasia International University • Yerevan State University

• Mesrop Mashtots University

• Yerevan Agricultural University

Top 10 Nightclubs and Bars to Pickup Girls

• "Process": The only problem with this place is that its location is not central. However, you will love every other thing about it, starting from its building. It is an old building that has a certain charm about it. You will appreciate this building when you visit it. It is one thing to have a place to enjoy drinks. It is another thing to have a conducive environment. This pub is a conducive environment for people to share and enjoy drinks. You get to enjoy music and a friendly aura from mots of the people. It is one of the top recommended pubs in Yerevan.

• Beatles Pub Yerevan: There is no how you would visit this place without desiring to have a comeback. It has an excellent ambiance, welcoming whoever visits it. You are sure to enjoy different varieties of music when you visit this place, especially old school music. People visit this place to relax and have a swell time. Due to the welcoming environment, you are sure to see many ladies, and most of them will be single. It is one of the top relaxation spots for people in the city. You can also make new friends by visiting this place. We are sure that you will love it.

• California Night Club Armenia: It is okay first to feel like you have made a mistake by visiting this place. During the initial moments, the vibe and energy are usually low. However, the momentum increases in the blink of an eye, and you are sure that you will love the vibes and positive energy. Most energetic people usually dance until they drop in this place. Since it is one of the most popular nightclubs in the city, you are sure to see many people. It is also a great avenue to approach ladies as they are usually forthcoming. We are confident that you can get a choice lady from this place.

• Club 12: You can enjoy various experiences when you visit a nightclub in Yerevan. At this place, you get to enjoy jazz music. You will see other people, especially ladies nodding their heads to the song. We advise that you approach your choice lady and try to have light conversations with her. It is essential to know that this place is children-friendly. Thus, whatever activity you decide to engage in at this night should be appropriate. It comes in handy that shisha is allowed at this place, and the staff are always friendly. It is impossible to have a sad time when you visit it.

• Daboo Cocktail Bar: Many things come to mind when you think about a cocktail bar. One such thoughts would be a place for relaxation, and this bar does not fall short of the requirement. Some people complain about the prices of cocktails. Due to its enjoyable taste, we advise that you focus on your enjoyment and not cost when you visit this bar. You can also get snacks at this place. The ambiance of the area makes it possible for you to lose track of time. It also helps when you decide to take the bold step and approach someone. They also sell snacks at this bar.

• The Kond House: The interiors of this place are among the first things that will appeal to your eyes. As the name implies, it is an actual house that has space for many things to happen. If you want to get some of the best food and drinks in this city, you should visit this place. It also comes in handy that they have a smoking area and a non-smoking area. Thus, we can say that this place is conducive for everyone. We are sure that you will love the experience and probably go back for a second visit as The Kond House offers a lot.

• Night club "OMEGA": This place has learned how to control its crowds. Thus, you are sure that it will not be crowded whenever you visit it. Although it is a controlled environment, you get to have as much fun as you desire. The women at this club usually look yummy and delicious. It will be impossible to visit this club without approaching a lady as they are irresistible. It is best that you dance with these women. They usually have an open mind and will be happy to share a dance with you. It is one of the best nightclubs in Yerevan.

• Cabaret Charlotte: If you want to have a spicy and freaky experience, you should visit this place. It functions as both a strip club and a nightclub. The girls are usually beautiful and clean. Thus, people are generally eager and anticipating the show. It is important to note that entrance to this place is not free. If you are looking to have a swell time alone or with friends, this is the best nightclub for you. The DJ is always on point with the songs, and you will shake your body. It is impossible to be sad while you are in this club. The experience is usually worth it.

• Stop Club: If you are a fan of rock music, this is the place to visit in Yerevan. Records show that it is one of the oldest clubs in Armenia. However, it is still in a perfect state, and people have fun. If you are looking for entertainment in the city, you can go for shows at this club. There is no day when there will be no gigs at this place. The energy is always high and infectious. You would sometimes have to make reservations when visiting this place. If you have never heard rock music in a place, go and experience the happiness at this place.

• Liberty Pub: It is one of the top hangout spots for people in the city. You will see that there is a high inflow of people during the weekends or evenings. It has a cozy atmosphere, making people more comfortable to spend time at this place. People use different words in describing their experience at this place, so you should visit it and have yours. However, we know that it will never be a bad experience. This place usually stays open all night, so you do not have to fear the closing time. It is a perfect place to connect with single girls.

Dating Apps

There is also the option of using dating apps to meet women when you are in a new place. You will realize that girls in Yerevan use this option to meet people also.

Since these girls do not have much experience when it concerns relationships, they usually depend on dating apps. Another reason why dating apps are popular in this city is because of their busy schedule.

They chat with potential people on the dating apps and fix a time in the evenings or during the weekends for meet-ups.

You are sure to see different dating apps when you are in Yerevan. Badoo is one of the familiar options.

It will come in handy if you know bits of Armenia if you decide to use dating apps. Knowing a bot of the language goes a long way in solving the issues of communication barriers. Once both parties understand themselves, things will go smoothly.

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