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Yokohama dating guide advises how to date Japanese women and what are the best places to meet single girls in Yokohama, Japan.

Dating Guide

With Yokohama being the second-largest city in Japan, you are sure to see many women when you visit this place. After all, Japan ranks as one of the most populous countries globally. Thus, there is no shortage of women.

It is not out of place if you desire to date any of these women. They have striking physical features that usually have a man glued. However, it will be wrong to assume that all the women you will meet in this city have the same attitude or behavior.

Yokohama women are diverse in character. It usually depends on their upbringing or level of exposure.

You will meet well-educated women in this city who know what they want from a man and will never settle for less. It is always exciting to dialogue with these women as they have an idea of almost everything.

There is another class of women who know that they have striking looks, and they use it to get what they want. It will be wrong to look down on these women as they are usually brilliant. They are also bold and confident about their looks.

The only set of women who are timid in this city are those who are home-oriented. From a young age, they were brought up to be home-keepers. Thus, they strive to please a man.

How to Date Japanese Women

We would say that it is easy to date a Japanese woman as there is no much difference between them and most women you will see in other cities. However, there always seems to be a communication barrier between Japanese women and foreigners.

It will come in handy for you to always remember that English is not their mother tongue. Thus, it will be best if you learn bits of Japanese before you approach these women. This is to ensure that both parties understand each other.

Asides from the issue of the communication barrier, you will not encounter many hurdles with a Japanese woman.

It is always best to have serious intentions when you want to date any of these women. Many of them will have marriage in mind. However, it is right to tell them your intentions from the beginning. This way, both parties will understand the terms of the relationship.

Japanese women are not the most outspoken when it concerns emotions and feelings. It will come in handy for you to read their body language. A woman might want to have sex with you but is shy to voice out her feelings.

Japanese women are usually timid around a man that they like romantically.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

Understanding that you can meet different types of women in Yokohama, it will be wrong to think that there is a central place where you can see single girls or women. It is essential always to remember that everyone has different schedules.

However, some places might have a higher concentration of single girls than other areas. One of such places would be educational institutions.

We earlier mentioned that you would see many well-educated women in the city. Since these women love to gain knowledge, it only fits that you can find single girls in places like universities and colleges.

Some of these educational institutions are:

• Ferris University

• Yokohama National University

• Toin University of Yokohama • Caritas Junior College

Another place where you can meet single girls in this city is the shopping mall. It will be easy to assume that you will find women who are home-oriented at this place. However, the mall is a meeting point for everyone. Thus, you are sure to see all specs of women.

It is also not out of place to approach women in public areas in Yokohama. Thus, you will not have any challenge in talking to these women.

Some of the shopping malls are:

• Marine & Walk Yokohama

• Yokohama World Porters

• Landmark Plaza

Top 10 Nightclubs and Bars to Pickup Girls

Some of the bars and nightclubs in Yokohama are:

• Club Milano Yokohama Nightclub (シーシャ カフェ& バー横浜): They are many beautiful ladies at his club. It could be that they are workers or people looking for a chill time. However, it is one of the top places to pick up girls in the city. Some of the drinks at this place may be pricey, but you will enjoy them.

• The Tavern: If you need a pub that gives a British experience, this is the perfect place to visit. They have an array of food items for people to enjoy, and it is easy to lose track of time at this place due to fun. It is an experience that you will not forget easily.

• Motion Blue Yokohama: You can enjoy both an indoor and outdoor experience when you visit this place. People usually complain about the prices of the meals, but its enjoyable taste and lice music always attracts people to this place. You are sure to see diverse women when you visit it, and you can be flirty with them.

• Casablanca: The cocktails they serve at this bar always leave people talking due to its excellent taste. It is one of the top bars in the city and gets a high inflow of persons. It will be wrong to stay in Yokohama without visiting this bar. You can also pick up girls at this place.

• Full Monty British Pub & Cider House: From the name, we are sure that you are already forming your expectations about this place. If you are a cider lover, we know that you will love this pub! They have other options for people to enjoy and creates the perfect atmosphere for dialogue. You will not regret visiting this place.

• The Green Sheep: The atmosphere of this place calls out to many people due to its calmness. It is the perfect environment to walk up to a woman you desire and get drinks. You are sure to love sharing drinks with someone in this controlled environment. It is one of the best pubs in the city.

• Hub Shin: As a foreigner, you are sure to have fun at this place as you can connect with both locals and foreigners. If you are having any challenges, a staff is sure to show up to your aid. You will see that people mingle and friendships are established at this place. Thus, it is best to associate.

• Windjammer: You are sure to enjoy more than a bar at this place. Many people visit this bar as a way to relax after having a stressful day. The available live music is sure to do the trick of easing your stress. They have various items on their menu for you to choose from. It is one of the top-notch bars in Yokohama.

• Baird’s Bashamichi Taproom: Although this is a small bar, that does not take away your fun. If you are looking to enjoy the best beers amongst others in the city, this is the place to visit. Many beautiful women will surround you, and all you have to do is to pick one person and make a move.

• Bar StarDust: It is not surprising for people to have high expectations about this bar. After all, there is a jukebox for fun and entertainment. You will love it at this bar as they ensure not to go below par. You will also see curvaceous and desirable women at this bar.

Dating Apps

Tinder and Loveawake are some of the dating apps in Yokohama.

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