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Zurich dating guide advises how to date Swiss women and what are the best places to meet single girls in Zurich, Switzerland.

Dating Guide

A group of hot girls enjoying at the Hiltl club

Before dating Swiss women here in Zurich, you need to find out about these women first, from their physical appearance right to their attitude. Most of the Swiss women here in Zurich are slim and tend to be tall. They also have blue eyes with a majority of them being blondes. Swiss girls can be very straightforward and a little stuck up to be honest. They have this sense of superiority about them so impressing them can be quite a task. They are also reserved and do not believe in ‘letting loose’ especially around people they are not comfortable with. Swiss girls can be very finicky about who they are seen with so make sure when approaching a girl from Zurich, you put your best foot forward. They like a guy who is confident, knows what he's doing and dresses well. The majority of the girls speak in Swiss German but they also understand English since it is the language used in communication and academic life. Still, it will be ideal if you learn a few sentences in Swiss German to provide a sense of familiarity to the local girls and give them the impression that you are smart and learned. Punctuality is a priority to them thus they tend to always arrive on time to their destinations. They usually respect each other’s personal space.

How to Date Swiss Women

In order to have the upper hand while dating Swiss women, it is best that you adhere to the following tips:

  • Always be punctual: Swiss women are usually known to be on time thus they expect the same from the men they are dating. When you keep time, it gives them the impression to you are reliable. You will also be able to do a lot of activities when you keep time.
  • Be a gentleman: Swiss women enjoy being pampered by their lovers. They usually like it when you buy them gifts an also charm them. You need to also be there for her and to prove to her that you can protect her.
  • You need to respect her opinions: It is best that you respect her autonomy and generally desist from bringing up political or personal topics. You really need to avoid talking about stereotypes here in Switzerland. The best topics to talk about when you are with her include things that you succeed in and those that you are passionate about.
  • You also need to be confident: There is a fine line between confidence and arrogance thus you need to differentiate the two. Portraying self confidence when you are with her proves to her that you believe in yourself and she will respond more positively to you.
  • Dress decently: Good grooming is sure to attract the attention of Swiss women here in Zurich who have a good taste of fashion. You need to put on something classy and trendy and a ply a nice cologne. All these will make her respond more positively to you.
  • Men who are financially stable have the upper hand when dating Swiss women: Though Swiss women are not really after men because of money but they appreciate a man who will be able to take her to a fancy restaurant once in a while and maybe even pay her bills.

You also need to open and know how to express yourself. Swiss women are usually reserved and wouldn’t mind being charmed by interesting and self-confident men who are romantic.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

Most of the time, it tends to be very difficult to meet single girls here in Zurich. This is mainly because of their conservative nature. They perceive talking to complete strangers as being weird. Some of the Swiss women here in Zurich have even decided to be single for the rest of their lives. Also, a good number think of committing to serious long-term relationships after they reach thirty years. The best way that you will be able to meet single girls here in Zurich is through another local girl. You can befriend her who will then introduce you to the girls who you are interested in. This is not usually 100% effective as there are instances where men who have used this approach have been rejected. Swiss women usually tend to focus on personal development and other aspects of their lives such as education and even career. Due to this, you will find single girls in various establishments in the city in an effort to chase their dreams. Some of these places include:

  • Kunsthaus Zürich
  • Uetliberg
  • Altstadt
  • Lake Zurich and Bürkliplatz
Lake Zurich and Bürkliplatz is a great place to meet local Swiss girls and foreign tourists as well

Top 10 Nightclubs and Bars to Pickup Girls

Nighttime is usually the best time to hookup with girls as most of them who come out at this time have let loose and want to have a good time. Girls put on that carefree attitude when they come to party and have fun at the bars and nightclubs here in Zurich. They are usually easily approachable at this time making it easier for you. You need not be drunk when you approach them as drunkenness is a big turn off for them. You also need to let the girl’s body language guide you so that you do not end up flirting with her when in the end she is not interested in you. You can also allow yourself to be introduced to the girl you like by that common friend that the both of you share. They usually restrain themselves from drinking too much alcohol so also do the same to have a better chance of picking them up. Some of the nightclubs and bars found here in Zurich include:

  • Exil: This disco club is usually favorite among party freaks who enjoy partying at night especially ladies. The girls who come here usually come to have a good time and if you promise her that and she vibes with you, then you are in for a fun night here. The DJs who come here are usually experienced spinning the latest hits on the decks. There is also rock, rap, ad folk music played here.
  • Gonzo: The entrance to this club is usually interesting as it appears to be like a payphone with a long queue of people who appear to be standing there for no apparent reason. It is an underground club which does not have lighting features signaling it is a club. Here, you will find a bar, a smoking lounge, and a dance floor. Most of the music that blares out of the speakers here are rock, electronic, and pop music. Dancing here is guaranteed thus it attracts many girls who like to party. You can buy her a drink and ask her for a dance. If she vibes with you, you can go to bed with her later that night.
  • Mascotte: It is believed to be the oldest club in Zurich. Many famous artists have performed here over the years including Josephine Baker. The interior décor of this club is amazing with live music being played here every night. The DJs here spin some of the latest hits creating that party atmosphere. The girls who come here are ready to have a good time and won’t mind hooking up with a foreigner. You will party then later you can book a hotel together and enjoy a fun night in bed.
  • Supermarket: This is an underground club that is filled with various statues and masonry sculptures. Most of the music played here is usually EDM making it one of the best venues in Zurich to party. Girls who come here come to do just that thus if you like partying, then this is the bets venue for you to go and even hookup with girls who are like minded. Both international and local DJs perform here. The age limit to enter this club is usually 21 years. You can later buy these girls drinks and if you vibe together, you will end up having a fantastic night.
  • Papiersaal: It was initially a paper factory. Now, it is a popular bar where you will be able to enjoy amazing drinks while listening to rock, indie, pop, and folk music. Girls who come here come to mostly enjoy the live performances here thus you can hookup with them while they are enjoying themselves. Chances of being blown off are usually minimal especially when they are charmed by you.
  • Moods: Here, you will be able to enjoy amazing live music played b both local and international bands. Jazz music is mostly played here thus it is the best bar to meet up with girls who enjoy this type of music. Those that come here usually come to unwind the activities of the day and won’t mind hooking up with a stranger.
  • Club Zukunft: It is also another underground club which has a camouflaged entrance. Once you get inside, you will be met with the atmosphere of partying and dancing all night long. The music played here is usually lively and ranges from EDM to funk music. The party here is usually amazing and you will get to dance with girls who come here to enjoy themselves. You can later hookup with them and have a night to remember. Be prepared to spend some money here as the prices offered high are quite high. You will get to enter free here on Wednesdays and Thursdays unlike other days where you will have to pay an entrance fee.
  • Cabaret Voltaire: You will be entertained by spoken word performances, jazz, poetry, and other art performances. The atmosphere created here is usually relaxed making it one of the best venues to mingle with girls who like to have fun relaxing. There is usually no loud music here thus creating that romantic atmosphere here. You can approach a girl here, choose a table to sit only the two of you and spend the night together. If she responds positively to you, you can politely ask if she is up for a hookup and if she is, you will have a night to remember.
  • Hive: Locals come here to party while enjoying local music. It usually has several themes but the most famous one is the electronic theme where only EDMs are played at that time. Partying is guaranteed here thus you will get to have fun with the girls who come here but remember not to lose your cool. Later in the night, you can politely ask her if she is interested in casual sex with you and pay attention to her response and body language.
  • Tina Bar: it is located close to Brasserie Louis on the Neiderdorf, Zurich. It usually is an old-school bar where you can relax and enjoy your beer. You will even get to be entertained by live music on certain nights. You can confidently approach the ladies who come here and even ask them for a dance especially on nights where live music is played. You can later spend the night talking flirting and if you are lucky, she might just go to bed with you.
Party at the Hitl club in Zurich

Dating Apps

Online dating here in Zurich has taken up a notch in growing in popularity among the Swiss women here in the capital. Many are enrolling in this apps in an effort to find their long-time partners. You will be able to go through the profiles of the Swiss women who have enrolled in these dating apps and narrow down to the ones you like and share the same interests. Be advised that you need to read through the profiles you have selected and try to verify as some of these profiles are usually fake. You also need to outline clearly what you want, is it a casual relationship or a long-term thing, as some ladies who have enrolled in these apps only want hookups and nothing more. You can easily identify these profiles which most of the time have only one picture of a woman posing seductively in a bikini. There are also inaccurately written. Some of the most popular dating apps you can use to find ladies in Zurich include:

Tinder. It is the most popular dating app here in Zurich. This dating app is mostly used by those who only desire casual relationships thus, those looking for serious relationships with Swiss women are advised to use other dating apps. The women who you will find in this app are usually very selective thus make your profile to be very impressive to them and also be charming while flirting with them. This will in turn capture their attention and make them interested to know more about you.

Lovoo. This dating app is usually more precise than tinder with the people who enroll here mostly providing accurate information about themselves. Here, you will find many young Swiss girls as this dating app does not have an age limit. you will be able to flirt with minors here but remember its against the law to go to bed with a minor thus tread carefully when using this app.

Badoo. This dating app is mostly famous for hookups here in Zurich. Majority of the profile here are fake with some being bots and even sex workers who are looking merely for hookups. You need not bother with this app if you are looking for long-term relationships with Swiss women.

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